PowerShell Plus v4.1 Has Been Released!

Idera, a well-known provider of Windows PowerShell management and administration solutions, today announced PowerShell Plus v4.1, the advanced Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for Windows PowerShell. The new version gives users more control over their scripting environment with Source Control Integration and an enhanced Scripting Object Model for automating most features in the IDE.

PowerShell Plus is designed to help administrators and developers quickly master the PowerShell scripting language while dramatically increasing the productivity of both novice and expert users. PowerShell Plus v4.1 includes these new features:

  •  Version control integration using MSCCI compliant plug-ins
  •  150+ scriptable APIs for automating the IDE and managing the user options
  •  50+ Hyper-V scripts using the Virtualization Management Interface

“PowerShell Plus has helped hundreds of thousands of Windows administrators execute on their ideas of how to better manage their IT environments,” said Rick Pleczko, President and CEO of Idera. “PowerShell 4.1 gives users even more customization and automation options to turn these once-grand ideas into Windows management reality.

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