My PowerShell Journey

It was the time when I started working on a project which involved data entry form to register new employees and the information about their allocated PC details. We had a requirement of getting information on their department or sub-department or business unit from another SharePoint application’s list which had all this information. The “other” application was like an in-house address book. I did all kinds of research and finally stumbled upon this word called PowerShell.

I had worked in C-shell scripting before and loved it madly. I had an idea that PowerShell should be the same as c-shell with more power 🙂

I used my Googling skills and searched all over about PowerShell. In the beginning, I felt PowerShell was just an extended version to STSADM commands and can be used only by administrators. But, I was wrong. When I found the wonders we can do with it, I was just pleasantly surprised. I planned to spend all my research time on PowerShell.

Coming back to my project, I was looking for a script to copy contents from Site A’s list to Site B’s List and wanted it to copy only the updated items.  I got some help from the web and but, when I wanted to modify the script to my needs, I found it really difficult to do that. I had to read the script thoroughly to understand each and every line and every word in it. I did not want to give up and spent more time learning PowerShell. I slowly fell in love with PowerShell. Every time, I mention PowerShell in a meeting, people want me to talk more about it. They are curious to know what all we can achieve.

A few months ago, I had the chance of viewing an online SharePoint Saturday event and there was a session on PowerShell by Ravikanth Chaganti. My interest in PowerShell grew and finally brought me to a point where I can never hate it at all.

This is my PowerShell story!

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