An interview with PowerShell MVP Don Jones at TechEd NA 2011

Courtesy of TrainSignal (a hat tip to Kasia Lorenc) we are presenting an interview with Don Jones conducted at TechEd NA 2011 in Atlanta. The video is a little warm up before today’s PowerScripting Podcast.

Don Jones is a popular IT author, speaker, trainer, and recipient of Microsoft MVP award. Don has been an expert in Windows PowerShell for many years. He developed the Microsoft PowerShell courseware and has taught PowerShell to more than 20,000 IT pros. Don has recently started hosting Ask Don Jones forum at and new Don Jones’s PowerShell Tips blog. His new Windows PowerShell v2 Booster and v3 Sneak Peek with Don Jones Interface Technical Training’s course is available to online attendees as well.

In this video interview Don talks about why IT professionals should learn PowerShell, how we should define a private cloud, his new book Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches, and how his company, Concentrated Technology, can help your business.

To quote PowerScripting Podcast’s hosts: “If you’ve heard Don speak, you already know that you don’t want to miss it. If you haven’t heard Don speak, let me assure you, you don’t want to miss it.

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