Announcing the winners of the PowerShell story series!

A month ago, we started a contest for our readers to share their first PowerShell experience — their PowerShell story. Along with that, we have also announced that there were prizes to win! And, today, we have come to an end of publishing the first round of articles. The response to these articles was just amazing. We have had several people submit the article pitch — we published a few of them and saved the rest for round two.

Today, we are happy to announce the winners of the first round. These winners were chosen by a PowerShell script (no wonder!) and we have recorded the winner selection process in a video (view in full screen) and posted it on our YouTube channel.

And, the winners are …

Karl MitschkeTrainSignal PowerShell Tutorial videos!

Gayathri Naraynan & Jouse Castillo – Script Explorer invitations!

Congratulations to the winners! Our editorial staff will reach out to you very soon. We would like to thank our sponsors of this contest TrainSignal and Microsoft Script Explorer development team for their support.

Happy New Year!

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