Announcing Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework

We are very excited about the RTM of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. You know the reason, right? The final version of Windows PowerShell 3.0. But that’s not the end of great news. We’ve just heard about Microsoft’s new portal for scripters—Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework. Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework is a centralized automation script sample library driven by IT professionals’ real-world tasks. The goal is to provide scenario-focused script samples for all Microsoft products, and save IT professionals’ time and effort in solving typical IT tasks. Microsoft observes IT professionals’ scenarios in the TechNet forums, support incidents, social media, and various IT communities. They write script samples based on IT professionals’ frequently asked tasks, and allow IT professionals to download them with a short script publishing cycle. Additionally, they will offer a free script request service. This service is a proactive way for IT community to obtain scripts for certain IT tasks directly from Microsoft.

You can stay up to date on the latest news, service offering, and script samples via Facebook and Twitter.   You can also post your needs and questions to the product team of All-In-One Script Framework (AIOSF) and interact with other followers.

Here’s a list of their scripts. Expect to see a lot more in the near future.

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