PowerShell 2.0 Help on Windows Phone

Rolf Masuch [MSFT], a former PowerShell MVP, has created the PowerShell Help app for Windows Phone. The app gives you a searchable list of the PowerShell v2 cmdlets. When you select a cmdlet, you have an option to get the parameters, the examples, or the link to online help topic. You can send all gathered information by email. Additionally, you can get all of the about_* topics, the PowerShell SDK, and the list of bloggers. All is gathered from a webservice, therefore the data connection is needed.

The future version will support PowerShell v3 as well and help topics for other products, like SQL or System Center.

When can you find this app useful?

– If you are in front of a computer with no Internet connectivity (DMZ)

– If someone asks you for PowerShell help when you are away from your computer, you can still send them a valuable example or a full help topic by mail from your phone

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