#PSTip Converting numbers to HEX

PowerShell can convert Hexadecimal numbers on the command line, just prefix the value with ‘0x’:

PS> 0xAE

Converting a number to HEX requires the use of .NET string formatting. Here we use the ‘x’ format specifier, it converts a number to a string of hexadecimal digits and the result is a hexadecimal string :

PS> '{0:x}' -f 174

The result is a HEX value in lower case. You can have the result in upper case by using ‘X’ instead, and also have a specific number of digits in the result by using a precision specifier. If required, the number is padded with zeros to its left to produce the number of digits given by the precision specifier.

PS> '{0:X4}' -f 174

See this page for more information on .NET Numeric Format Strings 

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