Two new PowerShell modules related to Storage Spaces

Bruce Langworthy,  Senior Program Manager with the Storage and FileSystems team at Microsoft, just posted two new PowerShell modules designed to help with the management and diagnosis of Storage Spaces.

This module automates deployment of Storage Spaces and provides intent-based management. For example, instead of using many different cmdlets from the Storage module to create a Storage Space, initialize it, partition it, and format it, all of these tasks are performed via a single cmdlet in Windows PowerShell.

Additionally these cmdlets will work in conjunction with a Failover Cluster using shared SAS storage with Storage Spaces to create a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) in a single step as well.

Read more and download the module here:

Storage Spaces Performance Diagnostic

This module can be used to diagnose issues where one or more disks in a Storage Pool are performing abnormally, which are resulting in a Storage Space performing slowly.

Read more, and download this module here:

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