PowerShell Plus is Free!

Idera, a leading provider of application and server management solutions, today demonstrated its strong commitment to the PowerShell community by making its PowerShell Plus product available for free. This milestone was also marked by the delivery of a new version of the product, PowerShell Plus 4.6.

PowerShell Plus features a powerful interactive console, an advanced script editor and debugger, and a comprehensive interactive learning center integrated into a single product. It helps administrators and developers quickly learn and master PowerShell, while also dramatically increasing the productivity of expert users. The new version, PowerShell Plus 4.6, has been certified on Windows 8. It includes revised and expanded script libraries for SQL Server and SharePoint 2010. Additionally, the System Explorer now features SQL Server and Share Point 2010 plug-ins that help manage SQL Server instances and SharePoint 2010 farms.

For more information and to download PowerShell Plus, please visit http://www.idera.com/Free-Tools/PowerShell-Plus/

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