#PSTip CompareTo() method for comparing strings!

There are certainly many methods to compare strings in PowerShell.

Today, I will show you one of the methods that I recently came across — a less known method, maybe.

"PowerShell Magazine".CompareTo("PowerShell magazine")

The output of CompareTo() method will be zero if strings are equal and -1 or 1, otherwise.

So, what do you expect as an output for the above command? 0 or 1?

The output in this case will be 1. Well, this is because the CompareTo() method does a case sensitive search by default. But, technically, the strings in our example are not different if we discount the case of these strings. So, how do we do a case-insensitive search using CompareTo() method?

Here’s how:

[string]::Compare("PowerShell Magazine", "PowerShell magazine", $True)
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