PowerShell Magazine has a new home!

PowerShell Magazine – since it’s inception – has certainly been growing in popularity and readership. We moved from 100 posts to 230+ in no time.  We could not make it without a great support from PowerShell community.

Shared hosting was not a viable option anymore to handle the increasing load. Also, we faced quite a few issues with our web host which effected the overall reader experience. We needed a better hosting solution that can accommodate the growth.

So, here we are. We made a new investment in acquiring a Virtual Private Server (VPS) configured to handle the growth for next couple of years – at least. We are confident that this investment improved the performance of our site and improves the reader experience.

Along with this, we have also introduced a few changes to our mobile theme. You will see a much better layout and support for increased number of mobile devices.

Overall, the editors would like to thank all our readers for being with us and supporting us in this process. You will continue to see increased PowerShell goodness from us.

We invite you to be a part of our journey. Write to us if you have any feedback or just want to share your PowerShell Magazine experience.

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