Converting to size units (KB, MB,GB,TB, and PB) without using PowerShell multipliers

Hello everyone! After some time, here is the brand new brain teaser. We hope you will like the challenge. 🙂

In PowerShell, we can convert from bytes to KB, MB, GB, TB, and PB using the multipliers. For example,

$size = 123456789
$size / 1KB
$size / 1MB
$size / 1GB
$size / 1TB
$size / 1PB

Now, here is a task for you. You need to find a way to perform the above conversion without using any of the above PowerShell multipliers that is KB, MB, GB, TB, and PB. Here are some more rules:

  1. If the result contains decimal point, round the number down. For example: 12.99 should become 12.

  2. All versions of PowerShell are allowed, shortest way wins.

We teamed up with Packt Publishing to offer the winner of this contest a copy of Windows Server 2012 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook eBook.

Here is a quick overview of this book:

• Extend the capabilities of your Windows environment

• Improve the process reliability by using well defined PowerShell scripts

• Full of examples, scripts, and real-world best practices

This contest closes by Saturday, May 25. Wear your PowerShell wizard hat and post your answers in the Comments section. The winner will be announced next Monday.

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