PowerShell Magazine teams up again with the TechMentor conference

We are happy to announce that PowerShell Magazine is an “Alliance Media Partner” for the TechMentor Las Vegas conference.

Surrounded by your fellow IT professionals, TechMentor provides you with immediately usable IT education that will keep you relevant in the workforce. Learn how you can build a more productive IT environment at TechMentor Las Vegas, September 30-October 4–bring the IT issues that keep you up at night and prepare to leave this event with the answers, guidance, and training you need.

Check out the dedicated track for Windows PowerShell.

Obviously there are a ton of other great sessions aimed at helping you solve the real-world IT challenges you are facing today. Plus, TechMentor is a great opportunity to meet your favorite tech experts like Don Jones, Greg ShieldsJeffery Hicks, Mark Minasi, and Jason Helmick. I know I always look forward to meeting fellow IT Pros and chatting about what projects they’re working on or current issues they’re facing.

SPECIAL OFFER: As a PowerShell Magazine reader, you get a $400 discount on the 5-day package. Use a priority code TMVG4 during the registration process.

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