PowerShell Deep Dives book

The PowerShell Deep Dives book is ready for your reading pleasure!

The book, written by Microsoft MVPs and PowerShell community experts, contains 28 chapters grouped in four parts: Administration, Scripting, Development, and Platforms. It is intended for anyone with an interest in PowerShell. It covers core PowerShell concepts and other technologies that rely on PowerShell such as: SQL Server, WSUS, Active Directory, and more.

All contributing authors and editors deserve to be mentioned: Chris Bellée, Bartek Bielawski, Robert C. Cain, Jim Christopher, Adam Driscoll, Josh Gavant, Oisín Grehan, Jason Helmick, Jeffery Hicks, Don Jones, Ashley McGlone, Jonathan Medd, Ben Miller, Aleksandar Nikolić, James O’Neill, Arnaud Petitjean, Vadims Podans, Karl Prosser, Boe Prox, Matthew Reynolds, Mike Robbins, Donabel Santos, Richard Siddaway, Will Steele, Trevor Sullivan, and Jeff Wouters.

One important thing to keep in mind is that all proceeds will be donated to charity; you can help **SAVE THE CHILDREN. **

The printed version of the book should release on July 26 and eBooks a few weeks later.

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