#PSTip How to convert words to Title Case

Let us say that you have a list of words or a sentence that you’d like to manipulate and make sure that every word starts with a capital letter. There are many ways to do that, including string manipulation or regular expression-fu. There’s actually a way that takes into count your culture settings.

The ToTitleCase() method converts a specified string to titlecase. Here’s how the signature of the methods looks like–all it takes is a string:

PS> (Get-Culture).TextInfo.ToTitleCase

string ToTitleCase(string str)

Let’s try to convert the ‘wAr aNd pEaCe’ string:

PS> $words = 'wAr aNd pEaCe'
PS> $TextInfo = (Get-Culture).TextInfo
PS> $TextInfo.ToTitleCase($words)
War And Peace

Note that words that are entirely in upper-case are not converted.

PS> $words = 'WAR AND PEACE'
PS> $TextInfo.ToTitleCase($words)

To ensure we always get back words with the first character in upper-case and the rest of the characters in lower-case, we explicitly convert the string to lower-case.

PS> $TextInfo.ToTitleCase($words.ToLower())
War And Peace
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