Announcing Kemp Technologies as a technology partner

We are very happy to announce Kemp Technologies as our technology partner.

Kemp Technologies is an emerging leader in the load balancers and application delivery optimization market. Kemp’s solutions cater to multiple industry segments and include solutions that are built on hardware as well as virtual appliances. Since 2000, with over 15,000 worldwide clients and offices in America, Europe, Asia and South America, KEMP Technologies has been a leader in driving the price/performance value proposition for load balancers and application delivery controllers to levels that customers can afford. KEMP Technologies LoadMaster line of Load Balancers integrates powerful, stable, full-featured load balancers with layer-7 content switching, SSL acceleration and security. KEMP has created an ideal family of products for customers looking for the best price/performance value proposition in high availability application delivery.

If you are an Exchange or any application administrator, you must have heard about the need for load balancing the application services and a constant need to monitor these load balanced services. Kemp Technologies products can be managed over RESTFul API which means PowerShell is the perfect choice to automate the management of Kemps equipment in your data center. Stay tuned for more on this.

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