The story of PowerShell User Group Sweden

My name is Fredrik Wall and I’m a co-founder/co-leader of the PowerShell User Group Sweden. We have almost 530 members in our Facebook group and some more members who do not want to be on Facebook. 

The user group with its current name will turn 2 years on March 3 as a group on Facebook. On the 3 of March 2012, Niklas Goude, Niklas Åkerlund, and I started the PowerShell User Group Sweden on Facebook. That was a restart of the old user group “Scandinavia PowerShell User Group” that Niklas Goude, Magnus Lindegren, and I started sometimes before Microsoft TechDays in 2009.

That group was intended to be a PowerShell group for Scandinavia but was more or less a Swedish group and back then the group was small without a real platform to reach out to new members. So we decided to restart the group in 2012 as a Swedish group with Facebook as the platform to gather our members. It’s easy to handle and easy for our members to join.

In 2012 we were about 200 members and we had one meeting in Stockholm where the Microsoft Scripting Guy (Ed Wilson) visited us and talked about PowerShell. Last year we had 3 events:

  • PowerShell Community Day 2013 in Stockholm (May 23)
    • With 5 speakers and 6 sessions
    • Speakers:
      • Niklas Åkerlund, Niklas Goude, Daniel Sörlöv, Fredrik Wall, Fredrik Jonsson, and Johan Åkerström
  • User Group Meeting in Stockholm (October 24)

    • With 6 speakers and 6 sessions
    • Speakers:
      • Pär Hultman, Rikard Rönnkvist, Jonas Pettersson, Daniel Sörlöv, Daniel Grenemark and Johan Åkerström
  • User Group Meeting in Gothenburg (October 25)

    • With 2 speakers and 2 sessions
    • Speakers:
      • Niklas Goude, Johan Åkerström

This year we had 2 events. The second one has just finished this weekend.

  • User Group Meeting in Stockholm (February 6)

    • With 4 speakers and 4 sessions
    • Speakers:
      • Simon Wåhlin, Niklas Åkerlund, Daniel Sörlöv, and Niklas Goude
  • PowerShell Geek Weekend 2014 #1 (February 21-23)

  • Hosts/Moderators:

    • Fredrik Wall, Johan Åkerström, and Henrik Toft

Lots of speakers and lots of PowerShell coding. All presentations and demo code will be posted at GitHub  very soon.

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