WMI Query Language via PowerShell available on Kindle

Back in 2011, I published a free book on learning WMI Query Language (WQL) via PowerShell. It was a huge success. It had more than 48K downloads to this day. I have received lot of positive feedback from readers and even today I receive mails stating that it was very helpful. This book has content on the following topics.

  1. Introduction
  2. Tools for the job
  3. WMI Data queries
  4. WMI Event Queries: Introduction
  5. Intrinsic Event Queries
  6. Extrinsic Event Queries
  7. Timer Events
  8. WMI Schema Queries
  9. WMI Event consumers

Alan Forbes, the author of “The Joy of PHP“, asked me a while ago if he can convert this content into a Kindle compatible version. So, we went ahead and converted it into a mobi format. The content is polished and ready for you to read it on Kindle. It is available at $2.99 as of today.

This content is not updated to include CIM cmdlets, as the main intention of the book itself was showing how to use WQL rather than teaching about WMI cmdlets. PowerShell was the vehicle to learn WQL in this case.

If you have enjoyed reading the free book, please leave a review for this book on Amazon. If you decide to purchase this Kindle version, you are awesome! 🙂

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