Holiday gift from Windows PowerShell team – DSC Resource Kit Wave 9

Windows PowerShell team just released a new wave of DSC resources taking the overall DSC resource count to 172! This is a great accomplishment within a single year! Great job.

This wave contains updates to various existing resources and 5 new DSC resource modules.

Name New, or Updated What was added?
xAzure Updated Added a new resource, xAzureVMDscExtension, which provides the ability to use the DSC Extension for Azure VM’s to apply configurations to new or existing VM’s.Also addressed issues reported in xAzureStorageAccount
xAzurePack New xAzurePack adds 8 new resources used for installation and configuration of Windows Azure Pack. The resources are xAzurePackSetup, xAzurePackUpdate, AzurePackAdmin, xAzurePackFQDN, xAzurePackDatabaseSetting, xAzurePackIdentityProvider, xAzurePackRelyingParty, xAzurePackResourceProvider
xExchange Updated Added 5 new resources: xExchInstall, xExchJetstress, xExchJetstressCleanup, xExchUMCallRouterSettings, xExchWaitForADPrep. Additional improvements were made in xExchActiveSyncVirtualDirectory, xExchAutoMountPoint, xExchExchangeCertificate, xExchMailboxDatabase, ExchOutlookAnywhere, xExchUMService, and the related samples.
xInternetExplorer New Allows DSC to configure IE home page(s)
xPsExecutionPolicy New Enables configuring the PS Execution Policy via DSC
xScom Updated Adds new 5 resources: xSCOMManagementServerUpdate, SCOMWebConsoleServerUpdate, and xSCOMConsoleUpdate for updating OM to Update Rollup 4, plus xSCOMAdmin for adding OM admins, and xSCOMManagementPack for installing OM Management Packs.
xSCSPF Updated Adds xSCSPFServerUpdate for updating and SPF server to Update Rollup 4.
xScSr Updated Adds the xSCSRServerUpdate resource for updating an SR server to Update Rollup 4
xScVMM Updated Adds 3 new resources: xSCVMManagementServerUpdate, and xSCVMMConsoleUpdate for updating to Update Rollup 4, and xSCVMMAdmin for adding VMM admins
xSqlServer Updated Adds 5 new DSC resources for SQL failover clusters, and reporting services config. Also fixes an issue with SQL setup when using SQL mixed mode security.
xTimeZone New Set the Time Zone using DSC with this resource
xWindowsRestore new Two new resources allow you to use DSC to configure system restore, create or remove a restore point

The xAzurePack is a great addition and I will be using it right away! 🙂

You can download the new resource kit using PowerShell, whatelse!?

Invoke-WebRequest -Uri '' -OutFile "${env:TEMP}\"
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