PowerShell cmdlets to manage Azure Key Vault

Microsoft announced a public preview of Azure Key Vault. Azure Key Vault is a cloud-hosted HSM-backed service for managing cryptographic keys and other secrets used in your cloud applications.

To support the management of the keys and secrets, Azure PowerShell tools is updated to version 0.8.13.

The following new cmdlets will be available in AzureResourceManager mode.

  • Manage Keys:
    • Add-AzureKeyVaultKey
    • Get-AzureKeyVaultKey
    • Set-AzureKeyVaultKey
    • Backup-AzureKeyVaultKey
    • Restore-AzureKeyVaultKey
    • Remove-AzureKeyVaultKey
  • Update: These cmdlets do not have the Key Vault creation functionality. This feature is provided as a sample script in a module called KeyVaultManager. You need to download this and create a vault before you can use any of the cmdlets in Azure PowerShell module.

    More on how you can use these cmdlets in a later post!

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