PowerShell Conference EU 2016 – Registration Starts Now

In 2016, the newly minted “PowerShell Conference EU” will be hosted in Hannover, Germany, and may well become the largest PowerShell conference world-wide with its 160 delegates and 30 speakers. Registration starts today at psconf.eu.

When powershellcommunity.org decided earlier this year to discontinue the European PowerShell Summit and focus on the US market, the UK and Scandinavian community and the German community decided to combine forces, and merge the former “PowerShell Summit EU” and “Deutsche PowerShell Konferenz” into one great event, organized by EU community members. It now is a three day conference with two continuous main tracks, one in English and one in German.

“We believe a PowerShell conference should offer presentations in the language attendees feel most comfortable with”, Weltner explains. “This year, the “Deutsche PowerShell Konferenz” already added English tracks to the conference. We simply wanted the best experts and speakers around the world to present, and they do not all speak German. With the new format, there will be tracks in both languages at all times, and the best PowerShell experts and speakers you can find anywhere around.”

Day 1 is a classic conference day with two main auditoriums, keynote, and presentations, and in the evening, all delegates are invited to Yukon Bay, an old gold digger town in the heart of Hannover Zoo, where delegates can socialize and connect surrounded by ice bears and penguins, while enjoying food and drinks.

Day 2 and 3 are highly innovative and focus on learning, discussion, and experimenting. The two main presentation tracks continue all day, but there are a total of 10 additional breakout session rooms available where delegates and speakers can come together, discuss presentations, play with demos, do deep-dives, or come up with own content and discussion. There will also be room for PowerShell user groups to present themselves.

“The two primary goals for this conference are reaching out to fellow PowerShell people, and be inspired and bring back home new skills and ideas that make a difference for you and your company.”, Weltner said. “Listening to a presentation is great. Sometimes, it’s even better to have the chance to hijack the speaker after a presentation that really interests you, gather in a separate room, and deep-dive into the presentations.”

The call for speakers is open until end of year. Registration opened today. The conference is limited to 160 delegates on a first come first serve basis. The first 100 registrants receive a discount. Registration as well as all other conference information can be found at www.psconf.eu.

Why Hannover? It was chosen for practical as well as philosophical reasons: travel expenses are reasonable, and 2016 is “Leibniz year” in Hannover. Leibniz invented the “Monadology” more than 300 years ago and lived and researched for many decades in Hannover. Since PowerShell is based on this Monadology, Hannover seems like the perfect PowerShell place to be in 2016.


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