PowerShell Conference Europe Speakers and Sessions

PowerShell is not just a simple little script automation language anymore. It has transitioned into true DNA for Microsoft server technology, and with workflows and DSC forms the platform for “infrastructure as code”. And there is so much more. Pester tests, JEA role based security, PowerShellGet central code repositories – the PowerShell feature set rapidly expands, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track.

There are not many places where you can get a hold of exceptional PowerShell experts that bring you up to speed with straight-forward presentations, great examples, and who are there to take your questions. One very special place like this is Hanover, Germany. In April 20-22, Hanover hosts the first “PowerShell Conference EU”, and what a debut this is.

With more than 30 speakers and 60+ sessions, the conference literally burns a fireworks of latest PowerShell technology sessions. Administering Nano servers, attacking Active Directory, defending with JEA, optimizing SQL and utilizing PowerShell forensics are just some of the many sessions. You get up to five parallel tracks to choose from. And it’s not just presentation. It’s learning and communicating. With breakout sessions, room for discussion, speaker panels, and of course an awesome evening event.

The Psconf.eu organizers love paradigms and pictures. 2016 is not just the 10th PowerShell anniversary. It’s also Leibniz year in Hanover, and Leibniz invented the “Monadology” more than 300 years ago. PowerShell inventor Jeffrey Snover was inspired by Leibniz when he created his vision of PowerShell, and guess what? Jeffrey Snover in person will open the conference together with organizer Tobias Weltner. Weltner and Snover tour the different PowerShell versions and highlight all the significant features in the different versions, chatting about Snovers motifs, and showing how PowerShell has evolved (and why). This keynote is the perfect primer for anyone wanting to fully understand the PowerShell ecosystem, plus serves as a great start for all the specialty sessions following.

And there are more paradigms. The evening event takes place in Yukon Bay, an old gold digger town in the center of Hannover Zoo. Psconf.eu rented the entire place, so delegates can decelerate and get together while enjoying great food and drinks. Yukon Bay – Gold digger town – dig it? Think “nugget”, NuGet, PowerShell Get.

Day 2 and 3 shift focus. The conference moves to its own section of the Hanover congress center, with 4 main track rooms and 8 breakout session rooms. Now the creative part becomes more intense. Smaller groups, discussions, hands-on demos, and the chance to hijack experts after sessions and do your own whiteboard sessions with them. Talking about experts: Bruce Payette is there, of course, too! You may know his book “PowerShell in Action”. Bruce is also part of the PowerShell team and has significantly shaped the PowerShell language.

By the end of day 2, user groups get a chance to present themselves, plus share experience and tips with anyone ever wanting to open up their own local script club. It’s then the perfect time to peer up and form groups, and head out to some of Hanovers “gemütliche” beer bars. We provide you with a great selection of recommended bars. The rest is up to you.

Just make sure you are back and sober by 9am the next day for a third round of exciting sessions and renowned speakers: Security experts Jared Atkinson and Will Harmjoy, who created PowerShell Empire. ISESteroids inventor and author of powershell.com’s daily PowerShell tips, Tobias Weltner. Aleksandar Nikolic, Ravikanth Chaganti, and Bartek Bielawski from powershellmagazine.com. SQL wizard Chrissy LeMaire, Jaap Brasser, June Blender, Jeff Wouters, uh you name it, so many more, a truly exceptional speaker lineup. I’d recommend you just head over to www.psconf.eu and have a look for yourself. The agenda is up. And there’s probably no better place to meet them all.

Just don’t wait too long. Seats are limited. Plus, hotel rooms tend to become limited (and expensive) over time, too. This is a non-profit PowerShell fiesta, all organizers and speakers volunteer. Your EUR 840 admission (EUR 999 with VAT included) pays the rest and includes all three conference days, food and drinks, plus the evening event.

With the new 4-track concept, there is room for 200 delegates now. More than half of the seats are gone already. So get up and register!

Looking forward to seeing you in Hannover in April!

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