PowerShell Conference EU 2017 – Speakers and Sessions

Modern administrators are responsible for business-critical automation, influence IT architectural design, and are a crucial part of corporate security both in daily operations and in conceptual planning. PowerShell is the driving force behind most of this, and rapidly expands and evolves.

While you find plenty of PowerShell beginners classes to teach fresh admins the fundamentals, it’s much harder to find places for experienced admins to learn relevant new information and be on equal height with speakers and other delegates. psconf.eu is such a place and lightened up last year as a completely new PowerShell event format.

“Can’t wait for another #psconfeu!”, “You don’t want to miss this”, “best conference”, “highlight of the year” is just some feedback when you search Twitter for #psconfeu. Let’s take a look at what makes psconf.eu so special, and what to expect this year!

This year, the conference has an unprecedented speaker lineup: five of the six powershellmagazine.com editors will be there and speaking. PowerShell inventor Jeffrey Snover opens the conference with his keynote “State of the Union”. Microsoft sends six PowerShell team members covering PowerShell 6, Open Source, DSC, PowerShell for VSCode, and more. So you’re not just getting answers – you are talking directly to the people actually doing these things. And get first hand information, including where the PowerShell journey will go next.

psconf.eu covers all major areas of PowerShell.

Special Trainings Ops

Right before the main conference starts, you have the option to participate in our optional preconf special trainings day. These are definitely no MOC-style courses. Workshops aim to bring experienced people up to speed. You can polish fundamentals, dive into topics that are new to you (like DSC, GUIs, or JEA Security), and warm up. These “Special Trainings” make sure you get the most out of the main conference sessions, and prepare yourself for topics that may be new to you – like DSC, or JEA, or building GUI tools. Workshops are available in English and in German, and you can suggest more topics by contacting us via the contact form at the bottom of psconf.eu.

Opening Day

On day 1, we open the conference with delegate registration and then start together in the great historic Leibniz Saal. PowerShell inventor Jeffrey Snover delivers the keynote “State of the Union”, summarizing where PowerShell stands today and where it is heading in the light of being open source now and available on Linux and OS X.

We’ll then warm up with “Quiz and Quirks”: I extracted some of the funniest and strangest questions asked in our internal MVP forum, and you get the chance to test your knowledge and learn new things: would you have been able to answer the MVP questions easily? We are all in this conference together, and this session encourages interaction, asking questions, and being part of it.

Will “Harmj0y” Schroeder finally ends the morning with an awesome security presentation. His presentation last year was crammed, so we wanted him to deliver it in the largest room we have: listen closely where attackers can sneak into your systems, and how PowerShell can be used both as a forensic and penetration testing tool.

We all then have a good lunch together, and move into the workshop area. After lunch, we fan out into four tracks, giving you the choice. Track 1 will be in German, and tracks 2, 3 and 4 in English.

In the afternoon, you have the chance to meet many of the renowned speakers in person, and make connections. After the first round of presentations, we all come back to Leibniz Saal for the “Ask the Speakers Roundtable”.

Then, we walk over to the Hannover Zoo to enjoy the Evening Event.

Evening Event in the Zoo

The evening event is absolutely unique: we have “Yukon Bay”, an ancient gold digger town, all to us. We’ll have great food and drinks, beer and wine, and the chance to hang loose and make new connections and friendships. Everyone will be there, including all speakers. You may want to continue to talk about PowerShell, but you may just as well just kick back and enjoy the evening.

Conference Day 2 + 3

On the remaining two days, we fan out in 5 parallel tracks. Track 1 stays German, and the other four tracks deliver English sessions. 19 Microsoft MVPs, six PowerShell team members, former MVPs, Engineers from Microsoft Germany, and many other awesome PowerShell experts deliver presentations covering pretty much all areas that are relevant to PowerShell.

To give delegates the chance to even better connect to speakers, we’ll have designated “Ask the Experts” areas during lunch so you can socialize with the people from your favorite field of interest.

Net length for all presentations is 45 minutes sharp. We want presentations to be concise and on the point, and prefer demos over endless slides. At the end of each slot, you have 15 minutes of Q&A. If you are hungry for more, you can ask the speaker to extend: we have breakout-session rooms available where you have all the time you need for extensive Q&A, and where you can hold spontaneous whiteboard sessions or meet with user groups.

The conference ends on May 5 at 16:30h (4:30 pm). We provide a baggage room to leave your stuff. Here is the preliminary agenda for day 3.

Of course, we are working on conference memorabilia to take home – these are secret until the conference starts. Except for our famous “PowerShell container”: you’ll get one of these limited collectors items of course.

Register Now – Seats are Limited

We want this conference to stay personal. So even though we decided to further increase number of speakers and tracks, there’s room for a maximum of roughly 250 delegates. Half of these seats were taken before we published the agenda, and last year’s event sold out. We’d love to see you join this fun PowerShell event!

When you register on www.psconf.eu, your seat is immediately reserved for 30 days, and you receive an invoice. Pay it within 30 days, and your seat is secured.

If you have any additional questions, please use the contact form at the bottom of www.psconf.eu to get in touch. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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