Failover Cluster PowerShell Drive based on #SHiPS

Simple Hierarchy in PowerShell (SHiPS) is a module that simplifies implementing PowerShell providers. If you are new to PowerShell providers, a PowerShell provider allows any data store to be exposed like a file system as if it were a mounted drive. In other words, the data in your data store can be treated like files and directories so that a user can navigate data via Set-Location (cd) and Get-ChildItem (dir or ls).

I have been looking at this and experimenting with a few providers of my own. I will write more about how to approach writing a PowerShell provider using SHiPS but wanted to give you a sneak peek into the Failover Cluster PowerShell Drive (FailoverClusterDrive).

Here is the Failover Cluster PowerShell Drive in action.

This is still an experimental module. SHiPS currenly supports only get actions. So, the mounted failover cluster drive will only be read-only. There are a few more additions I am still working on in my free time and I will push another release early next year.


* Add support for Cluster Storage as a container * Add support for browsing cluster resource parameters as a container * Fix support for using the module on a system with RSAT-ClusteringTools and not a cluster node. * Add formats for better output

Stay tuned!

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