Joel "Jaykul" Bennett

Joel "Jaykul" Bennett

Joel Bennett has been writing software and blogging about it since high school, and has been working as a software developer at Xerox for 15 years. Constantly playing with computers in his free time, he’s worked on everything from open source Windows Shell replacements (geoShell) and WordPress plugins, to WPF UI Modules (ShowUI) and graphical consoles (PoshConsole) for PowerShell. He blogs at and runs, and somewhere along the line he earned a Microsoft MVP award.

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Building Advanced User Interfaces with ShowUI

I’ve blogged a lot of quick demos with ShowUI (and its predecessors) in the last few years, but as things ramp up with ShowUI and it starts getting more attention at the enterprise level, a lot of the questions that we’ve been getting on the ShowUI forums focus on the professional touches that make a user interface feel like an application, and the challenges of pulling together different controls into a single user interface in a reusable way.

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