Josh Miller

Josh Miller

Josh Miller is the Operations Lead for Trintech’s Dataflow Services offering, this involves a mixture of time in Visual Studio, the PowerShell ISE, and on phone calls with clients. Josh is also a leader of the DFW PowerShell user group.

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Working with non-native PowerShell encoding (EBCDIC)

The -Encoding parameter in many native I/O cmdlets uses the [Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.FileSystemCmdletProviderEncoding] enum. PS> [System.Enum]::GetNames([Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.FileSystemCmdletProviderEncoding]) Unknown String Unicode Byte BigEndianUnicode UTF8 UTF7 UTF32 Ascii Default Oem Files that come from an IBM mainframe such as the AS/400 are often exported to ASCII or Unicode when a PC is the intended consumer.

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