Tobias Weltner

Tobias Weltner

Tobias is a long-term Microsoft’s MVP Award recipient located in Germany. He has written more than 130 IT books published by Microsoft Press and others and just released his “PowerShell 5 Windows Automation” hardcover and e-book with O’Reillys. In April 2016, he initiated the world’s largest PowerShell Conference “” in Hannover, Germany. He focuses on developing the ISESteroids PowerShell editor extension, delivering PowerShell inhouse trainings throughout Europe, and PowerShell-related project work with mid- and large-size enterprises, and is one of Europe’s leading PowerShell trainers and experts. For training or project work inquiries, public or inhouse, contact him at You can follow him on twitter@TobiasPSP.

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CompatAware: Scripting against different PowerShell versions

You may remember “DLL Hell” from the old days. A very similar beast lives in our PowerShell ecosystem, too. Take 5 different PowerShell versions, all with different supported cmdlets, language elements, and parameters, and blend this with hundreds of available modules – out comes a truly high-proof cocktail, and it becomes evident that it’s far from trivial to safely develop code for a given platform.

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